For Patients


As a patient I have the responsibility to:

  • Disclose accurate and complete information of my physical condition, hospitalizations, medications, allergies, medical history and related items
  • Participate in developing a plan of care, advance directives and living will
  • Assist in maintaining a safe, peaceful and efficient ambulatory environment
  • Provide new/changed information related to my health insurance to the business office
  • Contact VOA when unable to keep a scheduled appointment
  • Cooperate in the planned care and treatment developed for me
  • Request more detailed explanations for any aspect of service I do not understand
  • Inform my physicians and nurses of any changes in my condition or any new problems or concerns
  • Communicate any temporary or permanent changes in my address or telephone number which might hinder contact by the staff
  • Relate my levels of discomfort and/or pain and perceived changes in my pain management to my physician
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