For Patients


As a patient I have the right to:

  • Full information about my rights and responsibilities as a patient at VOA.
  • Receive an explanation of my diagnosis, benefits of treatment, alternatives, recuperation, risks and an explanation of consequences if treatment is not pursed.
  • An explanation of all rules, regulation and services provided by VOA, the days and hours of services and provisions for possible emergency care, including telephone numbers.
  • Choose my own physician/care giver, and know the names, status and experience of the staff.
  • Participate in development of a plan of care including Advance Directives and have my own copies.
  • Refuse participation in any protocol or aspect of care including investigational studies, and freely withdraw my previously given consent for further treatment
  • Disclosure of any teaching programs, research of experimental programs in which the facility is participating
  • Full financial explanation and payment schedules prior to beginning treatment
  • Receive expert, professional care without discrimination, regardless of age, creed, color, religion, national origin, sexual preference, or handicap
  • Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect of my personal privacy by all employees of VOA
  • Be free of physical/mental abuse and/or neglect by all employees of VOA
  • Complain or file grievance with VOA patient representative without fear or retaliation or discrimination
  • Access to my person records and obtain copies upon written request
  • Assistance and consideration in the management of pain
United in Healing with the US Oncology Network