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Clinical Research & Trials

Clinical Research & Trials

Cancer Research at Virginia Oncology

Advancing Cancer Care through Clinical Trials

Today, clinical trial research is no longer conducted exclusively at large university cancer centers or major metropolitan hospitals.  Virginia Oncology Associates has embraced clinical trial research as a critical component of community-based care for patients with cancer or blood disorders.

At Virginia Oncology Associates we are dedicated to finding new and better ways to treat cancer through research and clinical trials. We have access to clinical trials through our affiliation with US Oncology Research, directly through National Cancer Institute Cooperative Groups, Eastern Virginia Medical School, the Duke Oncology Network, and other major cancer centers.

Participating in these clinical trials also allows us to provide valuable access to new investigational cancer agents to people right here in our community. Our patients are able to access state-of-the-art investigational therapies, while their own physician directs and closely monitors their care. Patients are able to remain at home near family and loved ones.


Furthermore, our research network is also looking toward the future by developing initiatives in “personalized” or “individualized” medicine. These types of clinical trials offer the potential to recommend drug treatment based on the genetic makeup of the patient's tumor.

78,000 Patients, One Goal

As a member of US Oncology Research, Virginia Oncology Associates is pleased to provide local patients access to cutting-edge and innovative clinical trials in a comfortable and convenient setting. US Oncology Research, supported by McKesson Specialty Health, recently announced that it has surpassed the 78,000 milestone for patients enrolled in its clinical trials program.
One of the largest and most reputable community-based research networks in the world, US Oncology Research specializes in Phase I–IV oncology clinical trials and has participated in over 1,600 investigator-initiated and sponsor-initiated trials since its inception. The program brings innovative therapies and clinical trials to practices and patients in communities across the nation to help advance the science of cancer care while offering the best possible treatments and improved patient outcomes.

If you would like more information, you may speak to your physician or our research department about the available clinical trials.




Translational Oncology Program (TOP)


To improve human health, scientific discoveries must be translated into practical applications. Such discoveries typically begin with basic research – in which scientists study disease at a molecular or cellular level – then progress to the clinical level and Phase I of trials.

With all that has been achieved, there are still some cancers with only a few effective treatment alternatives. For these patients, Virginia Oncology is conducting Phase I trials to accelerate the development of totally new agents for cancer care. Translational research has traditionally been found only at larger academic institutions, but we proudly bring it to Hampton Roads communities.

Virginia Oncology is one of sixteen Translational Oncology Program (TOP) sites within the US Oncology Research network participating in leading-edge Phase I clinical trials. VOA’s TOP has enrolled hundreds of patients since its inception in 2005. At any given time, approximately six Phase I trials are available to patients.